Swan Event Hire can supply all your Party Hire and Event Hire needs. Not only do we supply Marquees for Small and Large events all over Metro Perth we service Swan Valley, Perth Hills and Rural Perth surrounds, Dowerin, Muchea and Northam. We work closely with our clients or event co-ordinators to supply all your party hire needs.

Our extensive range of cutlery, crockery, glassware, furniture and styling pieces ensures no matter what your theme, Swan Event Hire can provide all you Party Hire needs.

We are experts in advising our clients of the things they need or remembering the things they've forgotten. Whether you're engaging our Event Coordinating services or organising your event your self, our team are always available for advice.

We're full of party hire tips when organising your own event, listed below are a couple of common party hire problems. 

Top Tip 1

Problems that we foresee with Weddings and Events, and what many Clients forget to ask is does your Event Venue require a midnight bump out as many do in peak seasons. This can be an expensive surprise for clients as many suppliers require an extra charge for midnight bump out. Swan Event Hire can supply all your Party Hire needs, the extra bump out cost is minimised as you won’t need numerous suppliers. 

Top Tip 2

A Party Hire problem we've encountered is the hanging of floral installations. Floral installations are usually thought about closer to the wedding date. We’ve even had some clients assume that all venues allow large hanging floral installations. As Swan Event Hire works closely with venues all over Perth we can expertly advise clients about what can be hung and where it can and cannot be hung. We have the skills and the equipment to install even the most luxurious floral display into permitted venues. 

With all this talk of anticipated problems we thought we should list the Popular Party Themes we’ve provided Party Hire Gear for in the past

Party Time Themes

  1. Glitterati
    Disco Balls, Gold and Silver Decorations, Table setting
  2. Tropical Fiesta
    Plants, Colourful Table Linen, Table Setting, Umbrellas
  3. Las Vegas
    Glitter Balls, Black and White Dance Floors
  4. Rainbow party
    Coloured Lighting
  5. Mexican Fiesta
    Lighting, Table Setting, Plants.. Colour Colour Colour
  6. 20’s 30’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s
    Revel in the roaring twenties or past eras with your guests dressed in fancy dress. Our Party Hire can supply you with Tables Setting, Tables, Table Linen, Lighting to suit any colour theme.
  7. Australian Day Party
    Pallet Furniture, Portable Bars, Ice Buckets, Eski, Tables and Chairs. We can even hire you the BBQ
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