The Heatlie Roaster includes the gas bottle and is designed for those who are catering for a large group. Also ideal for camps and camp sites. With no moveable parts to break down during an event, this is the ideal product. Features Heats to maximum temp 350C. Gas consumption: 0.9kg per hour (approx 10 hours cooking from a 9kg gas bottle). An auto push button piezo ignition for easy starting. A flame protection device, which cuts off the gas supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished. Roll top hood for ease of access. No breakable motors. The Roaster has removable legs for ease of transport. Burner is able to be removed for easy cleaning. Outside use only. The Heatlie Roaster works similar to a fan forced oven. The burner is at the rear and the heat rises and rolls around the food. With the movement of heat rising at the back and rolling down at the front, the hottest cooking area inside the unit is the front area on the rack closest to where the roaster opens. Do not place food directly over the burner, as your food could burn in the direct heat. The fat dripping onto the flame could also cause smoke and flare ups. The Heatlie roaster can reach 200 degrees Celsius in 3 minutes, so there is no need to pre-heat.

  • SKU: H110