From venue selection, entertainment, and selecting the right canapés to guest management, ensuring your wedding day is perfect can be a stressful undertaking that feels overwhelming to handle alone. Fear not, because Swan Event Hire is here to provide everything you need for your special day, from marquee hire Perth to premium cutlery, including advice and guidance when you're wondering how to plan a wedding. In this article, we will share our list of essential elements to focus on and some tips we have picked up in over 20 years of event management.

Introduction to Wedding Planning

The easiest way to relieve the time-consuming stress of preparing for the big day is to engage the services of professional wedding experts like those at Swan Event Hire. Start your wedding planning checklist as soon as possible and be prepared to see it grow exponentially as more and more ideas come to mind. Be as flexible and accommodating as possible, but remember that this is your day, not anyone else’s. 

Your Wedding Planning Checklist for a Flawless Day in Perth

Essential items to consider and add to your wedding checklist in Perth include:

  • Date and Venue — Weddings can be startlingly popular on specific dates, so try to be flexible and book early to avoid disappointment. 
  • Essentials (tables and chairs for hire in Perth, lighting, glassware, electrical equipment) — This section will vary tremendously depending on your choice of venue and what the facility can offer. Still, all these things and more are crucial for a superb wedding bash in your back garden. 
  • Catering and drinks — Have you considered all dietary requirements and beverage preferences?
  • Entertainment — From DJs and comedians to table magicians. Consider the age range of your guests and book accordingly. 
  • Timings — Lock in elements that cannot be adjusted, like marriage officials, etc.
  • Refined details — Take a break once you think you’ve remembered everything. Return to the process later and run through the day in your mind. Do any details that you've missed jump out?
  • Troubleshooting — Review your wedding preparation checklist again and ask yourself how you will adapt if any elements do not materialise.

Essential Items for Your Wedding To-Do List

It is worth noting that Swan Event Hire can assist you with almost any of these elements, relieving the considerable burden of responsibility from your shoulders and allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere. Why not get in touch today and discuss your plans with one of our experienced representatives? For everything from party light hire in Perth to all the catering and food-service equipment you could ever need, we think you’ll be impressed by how much assistance we can offer at highly competitive prices.

Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

  • Plan your ideal timeline, but be flexible.
  • Order everything as far in advance as possible.
  • Decide your guest list and lock it in early.
  • Hire reputable entertainers with good feedback.
  • Share the burden.

The bottom line is this: You only get one chance to create your perfect wedding day, but nothing else matters if your loved ones and friends are there with you. Do what you can to make it flawless in advance, then let the glory of the day wash over you and allow nothing to ruin it, especially small, insignificant details. 

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